CBD for Women’s Health

There has been many a women that has gone on the everlasting journey to relieve the sometimes extremely severe cramps that comes with her period. Over the counter medications like Tylenol, Aleve, Motrin and Midol have been the norm up until now, but there could be a more natural option. There could be an amazing, yet natural way to relieve your menstrual cramps, bloating and headaches, without putting harmful, pharmaceutical chemicals inside of your body.
Of course, it is never a guaranteed thing that your cramps will disappear when you’re using CBD oil, but CBD has been known to reduce inflammation, plus it is a natural pain reliever. Full spectrum CBD seems to be the best CBD option on the market at the present time. Unfortunately, because CBD is so stigmatized, the first thing a doctor normally instructs a female to do is change her diet, simply because this can help a lot of the time and it is the easiest option out of all of the options. A lady can also use over the counter medications, but these can have very worrisome side effects when taken on a daily basis, like causing stomach ulcers and liver disease. Prescription medications are also a very used option, but prescription medications can come with some very adverse side effects as well, like addiction’s . CBD is all natural, so while it may have some reported side effects, like drowsiness and hunger, you won’t be killing your body or your mind while you are using any CBD product.

My doctors and my treatment

Doctors will most likely recommend that a woman change her diet before anything else if she is having really bad cramps with no other signs of any other issues like endometriosis or menopause. Quite a bit of the time this can be a natural, but very time consuming solution to the problem. This option can also be an issue for people who lack the ability to display self control. Most of the time the person’s diet is absolutely not the issue, as sometimes you are already eating fine. Unfortunately, when doctors are seemingly left without too many options, they of course jump to seeking pharmaceutical solutions to the problem. If a woman diet is already acceptable, or if changing it does not seem to be doing the trick, your doctor may tell you to try over the counter medications.

Over the counter meds as usual

Over the counter medications can be very useful in helping to relieve cramps, bloating and headaches due to ‘aunt flo’ and her monthly visit. Aleve, Motrin, Advil, Tylenol and Midol can all be used when seeking an option in helping to alleviate the pain of cramps due to menstruation. The main issue with using any of these medications, is that prolonged use can cause other serious health issues. The insane side effects of the daily use with of any product that contains NSAIDs and acetaminophen can include Reye’s Syndrome, ulcers and liver damage. These can be very serious conditions that can end up requiring additional treatment, and can cause a person to experience way more pain than just your average menstrual cramp. CBD oil does not display any of these types of serious and life threatening sides effects that are known to have been presented to this date. If over the counter medications are not working for you, and it seems like you are never going to find anything to hel you, your doctor may prescribe birth control pills to help with your cramps because of the progesterone and estrogen in them.

These drug are killing me

Birth control can be extremely useful in helping with menstrual pains because birth control pills affect your estrogen and hormone production. The increased production of the hormones progesterone and estrogen can decrease the pain in the cramps a woman may have. Because birth control affects these things the way that it does, it can also affect the natural chemistry in a woman’s body. This can cause a woman to gain weight or develop acne. These side effects may seem like minor side effects; however, excessive weight gain can cause a person to develop other health problems with the heart and respiratory system, plus acne can lead to permanent scars. Another big issue with birth control is that if you are a smoker, birth control has been noted to lead to very increased risk of heart attack and stroke.

Why should I choose CBD

CBD oil does not show any of these issues when it comes to use. It has been known to make people a little bit tired, and it can also make a person want to eat a lot, which can make a person gain weight if they’re eating too much junk and sleeping all the time. With CBD you do not have to worry about accidental death if you ingest a little too much by accident, and the only real risk from CBD is getting caught using it on a urine test. CBD can help with menstrual issues like cramps, bloating and headaches. If used topically on the skin then it can also help to get rid of the acne that can present itself while a woman is menstruating. CBD is a miracle substance. It has helped a large number of different people and consumers do not seem like they are going to stop using the wonder supplement any time soon.

Full spectrum CBD, that comes from plants that are non-GMO and pesticide free, which is extracted by the CO2 method, is the best CBD that is available right now. It helps a large number of issues, plus when non-GMO and pesticide free you are not getting the harmful chemicals that can cause bigger issues. It is not an isolated CBD substance and it is healthier for you because of it. Any person who is going to be using CBD should never do so without asking a doctor, but do not be surprised when your doctors acts like it is not a big deal. They know how well CBD works, keep yourself informed and you will too.