About Green Scientific Labs

The agricultural boom delivered a massive rise in the number of producers. The non-regulated state of has essentially allowed manufacturers and distributors to slap impressive-looking labels on their products, thus marketing and selling these products however they please. Quality manufacturers know that an industry without rules and regulations will quickly become overrun with scams, false advertising, and out-and-out lies, which pose several challenges for consumers to make educated purchases or receive quality, reliable information.

Good, honest companies with quality products are rapidly seeking ways to overcome the competition and rise to the top, and most of these companies are accomplishing this through third-party testing. These honorable companies know they are manufacturing and selling quality products, and they are not scared to have an unbiased, outside source to verify their integrity. The goal behind independent third-party lab testing is to have a neutral, unbiased source examine the content and quality of a company’s products.

With extensive proven experience in the agricultural laboratory industry, coupled with a background in data and technology, GREEN SCIENTIFIC is uniquely positioned to deliver superior and consistent results, provide unmatched customer service and industry-leading turnaround time, and stay at the forefront of the consistently changing trends in technology and data security.

As a one-stop destination for all your agricultural testing needs, we believe that the consumer deserves clean, quality, safe and verified products. Additionally, the team at Green Scientific and our top tier testing equipment and methodology were carefully selected to ensure only the safest and best products reach the hands of consumers.

Our Partnerships

Green Scientific Labs is proud to partner with some of the leading brands in science and technology.