SampleCommand: Green Scientific Labs' proprietary technology

SampleCommand Testing Platform

We know software and technology and we also know that not all software is created equal. To be the best lab in the cannabis industry, we recognized that we could not use the same out of the box software that everyone else uses. We developed our own proprietary Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). We also can create custom solutions for our clients to empower their business and grow their market share.

35 Experienced
1,250 Satisfied
36,000 Samples
150,000 Tests


  • • Mobile App for taking product photos and immediate storage to database
  • • Custom UI Experience for Each Client
  • • Complete Chain of Custody (CoC)
  • • Online Batch Records
  • • Tracking using automated QR Codes to identify sample location at every point in the lab, from intake to storage to disposal
  • • Multi-Tenant Permission Levels
  • • Utilizes 2D Barcode Scanners to eliminate data entry errors and increase speed of sample processing
  • • Smart Label printing technology
  • • Technician Notes Revision & Approval Capabilities
  • • Online worksheets
  • • Automated Out of Spec (OOS)
  • • Smart Storage Intelligence to let you know when it is time to disposal of samples
  • • Inventory Management System with supply list and vendor information
  • • Room & Station Sample Tracker to quickly identify and resolve bottlenecks