Medical marijuana and cancer growth

Have you ever noticed that CBD and medical marijuana can be a helpful supplement? Medical marijuana is pretty much a miracle plant that can be very helpful in aiding certain ailments. Medical marijuana is full of CBD and has been known to help with problems such as psychological issues, skin issues, hair and nail issues. It can also help with stomach issues and eating disorders, plus medical pot has the ability to help with epilepsy and seizures, but there are even bigger problems that this wonder drug can help with.

Medical marijuana and patients

Marijuana can help cancer patients in a quite a few ways. People who are undergoing treatment for cancer are normally experiencing a large number of issues. Whether they are experiencing sickness from their chemo treatment or their medications, or they cannot eat because the pain medications make them woozy and nauseous, marijuana can help. Sometimes the cancer itself causes issues with pain, nausea, and sleep as well. Marijuana high in CBD content but still containing THC has the ability to help all or most of these issues, in most people.

Getting sick

Marijuana has been known to take care of nausea very well. This is a very issue with people that suffer from cancer and people that have to undergo cancer treatments. Sometimes, when people have very serious forms of cancer that do not respond to the normal medications, they have to undergo chemo therapy treatments. These treatments can have a number of different effects on the body including hair loss and loss of appetite. Depending on what kind of cancer you have, the cancer itself may cause you to not want to eat, not to mention the effect the pain medications may have on you. Medical marijuana can help you with all of this. Medical marijuana has been known to have increased appetite as a side effect, but what if it were not really a side effect?

Want to eat

People who have cancer and a loss of appetite for any reason can benefit greatly from the use of medical grade pot. All they have to do is smoke or eat little bit of marijuana every day and they can possibly reduce the side effects of the medication that they are on, possibly reduce the nausea they feel from chemo therapy and cancer; plus possibly settle the stomach and help to repair the damage done. Marijuana has been known to balance out the acids in the stomach and dull pain. It has also shown the capability to repair damage that has been previously done. Another huge issue that medical marijuana has been known to help in cancer patients is the pain.

In way too much pain

Everyone knows that cancer comes with a certain amount of pain. The cancer itself gives you pain, the medications they give you to actually fight the cancer can cause you pain and the chemo therapy does everything it can to weaken your body and give you other conditions that can cause you pain. Normally pain medications are prescribed for cancer associated pains but what if it did not have to be that way? CBD has been known to dull the pain that is related to cancer in every single way. CBD, by no means, should ever replaced you pharmaceutical medications unless your doctor says it is okay, however, it can be useful as an additive to medications that are already set into place. Unfortunately, for strict CBD users, it is the THC in marijuana that really works well for pain. CBD can help to dull it but THC is the active ingredient in marijuana and hemp the works wonders for real pain. CBD oil can help, but if you really want to relieve pain ion any kind medical marijuana may be the route you need to take.

Possible cancer inhibitor

In addition to being a very useful supplement to pain and nausea, marijuana has been shown to actually help inhibit the growth and prevent certain cancers from forming. Studies have been being completed for years on small rodents and other animals when it comes to medical marijuana. When tested on rats medical marijuana has shown to stop the growth of tumors and certain cancers cells. When tested on groups of rats that were specifically bred to form certain cancers, medical marijuana, especially the kind high in CBD, showed amazing cancer blocking properties. About 63% of the rats that were bred to form cancers never did.

What do I do now

Cancer can be a very big issue all by itself, but when you add treatment into the equation things can get much worse before they get better. You should not have to suffer while you are already suffering. CBD and medical marijuana has the ability to help with a lot of the suffering that you are going to end up doing. It can help you to be relieved from the pain and issues that are related to your cancer treatment as well as your cancer. Talk to your doctors and medical professionals to see if medical marijuana may be an option that you can add to your treatment. If they will not approve that see if CBD can be something that you can add. CBD is not a supplement that is approved for use by the FDA, or even all doctors, and of course medical marijuana is still questionable in most states. It is also not for everyone and some people may have different reactions than others, including allergic reactions. Remember to always use medical marijuana and CBD under medical direction, as you may end up having an allergy to it. While it is not a common issue CBD is derived from a plant, the THC that comes with it is also derived from a plant, it is possible to have an allergy to it. Medical marijuana is a plant, and just like any other plant can cause adverse reactions in some humans. If your doctor doesn’t know you’re a CBD or THC user, he can’t help you properly if your throat starts closing up from smoking a joint.