Lab Testing For Hemp CBD

Benefits Of Lab Testing For Hemp CBD

Lab testing for hemp CBD offers a variety of benefits for your company, as well as your customers. Identifying the quality and strengths of your products is essential when trying to distinguish your brand in a crowded field. It also helps consumers find your products as they look for options to treat specific medical conditions. Cannabinoid and terpene profiles are thoroughly researched by the user and this information impacts their decision on whether or not to try your product.

Our HPLC’s (high-performance liquid chromatographs) are essential for identifying the quality of the cannabinoid compounds used in a specific strain. Customers, doctors and other medical professionals will utilize this information to determine which options will be best suited for treating a condition in the short and long-term.

Reasons To Use Lab Testing For Hemp CBD

There are several reasons why your business should submit to independent, third-party testing including:

  • Establishing your brand and building trust: One of the main reasons your company needs to consider lab testing for hemp CBD is because it will help to build trust between your brand and the consumer. With thousands of companies and products available on the web and in stores, the first thing a consumer will look at to determine if they are going to get your products a try is whether or not you’ve submitted yourself for third-party testing. If so, then the information will be found on your label and online, giving the consumer important details that they will use to make their decision
  • Help consumers determine the benefits of your products: While establishing quality of your product is important, the testing of different strains for cannabinoid and terpene profiles is also important for consumers and medical professionals to best determine which options will treat certain medical conditions. These oils have shown benefits for treatment of a variety of medical conditions including depression, stress, anxiety, heart conditions, diabetes prevention, substance abuse treatment, neurological disorders, insomnia and more. However, certain strains will help treat different types of conditions and testing makes it easier to identify which options will best treat a specific condition.
  • Separate yourself from the competition: If your competitors have decided not to take part in lab testing for hemp CBD, they are immediately putting themselves at a disadvantage. Your business will not make that mistake as you are not only submitting your product for independent, third-party testing, but you are also displaying the results to the world. This not only will build trust and loyalty with consumers, but it shows why your company is better than the competition.

Green Scientific Labs will provide your company with efficient and reliable lab testing for hemp CBD. Whether it’s oils, edibles or something else, the best way to separate yourself from the competition is by submitting your product to a reputable brand that is not only established in the industry, but also utilizes the latest technology to provide detailed information regarding the quality of your product. Take a moment to browse our site for more information and contact us if you have any questions.