Hemp CBD Lab Testing Machine

Benefits Of Using A Hemp CBD Lab Testing Machine

Submitting your product to a hemp CBD lab testing machine is a smart decision as it helps distinguish your brand from the competition, prove the quality of your products and also help identify the medicinal benefits they offer. Without the testing of a HPLC (high-performance liquid chromatograph), consumers and medical professionals would be unable to determine the benefits of a specific strain in treating different medical conditions.

Reasons To Use A Hemp CBD Lab Testing Machine

In order to prove the quality and legitimacy of your brand and its products, your company must submit itself to independent, third-party testing. This process is essential to the success of your brand and offers a variety of benefits including:

  • Develop trust with the consumer: Pricing, platforms they are sold on, familiarity with the brand, ease of purchasing, personal recommendation and other factors will influence a consumer’s decision. This is true for any product and the first step in developing trust with a consumer is to display the fact that you’ve been independently tested. Whether it’s someone who has been buying these products for years or is new to it, this label is important for them and something they will be told to look for whenever they try a new brand.
  • Identify the benefits of your products: Make no mistake, the use of a hemp CBD lab testing machine isn’t just to determine whether or not you have a quality product, it’s to identify the different benefits of your product. Testing will help determine the cannabinoid and terpene profiles which breaks down different strains to distinguish which medical conditions and ailments they are best suited to treat. For example, some strains can treat stomach discomfort while others are better suited for anxiety. Strains have been known to treat a variety of conditions including acne, epilepsy, sclerosis, schizophrenia, substance abuse, stress, insomnia and more.
  • Standout from the competition: Imagine your product displayed on a shelf, surrounded by dozens of your competitors. Someone who knows very little about CBD is staring at the shelf and they are not sure which one to select. They look at price first, then different labels. What stands out to them? They do not want to rush this decision, so they decide to go online and research which products are best. They find sites that advise them to only trust products that have been submitted for independent, third-party testing. Of the ten companies displayed on the shelf, only three have this information on their labels. You have just eliminated 70% of the competition and given your brand a real chance to standout to the consumer.

Green Scientific Labs utilizes the most efficient and proven hemp CBD lab testing machine to identify your products quality and use. Our reports will be beneficial to you and your consumers for years, bringing legitimacy to your brand and helping you to distinguish yourself as one of the elite companies in the industry. If you are ready to begin or would like to get more information about these tests and other services, contact us today.