CBD, CBD and headaches

Headaches are a very common issue for a huge number of people. Some people experience migraines on a daily basis. Migraines and headaches can occur for a few different reasons, and sometimes there is an underlying cause, but sometimes, your head just hurts. In general, some of the time there is no help for situations like these and it seems like nothing in the entire World will be able to aide you. Sometimes you can lay in a dark room, in total silence and it still does not fix the issues, but then what are you supposed to do?

What are my CBD options

There are a ton of options when it comes to using CBD. There is CBD isolate and full spectrum, there is CBD oils, pill or edibles. There are also CBD vape oils. Full spectrum CBD oil is literally just that, full spectrum. That means that it contains all of the different types of CBD in the hemp plant. Isolate CBD is one type of CBD in the hemp land which is geared toward helping a certain ailment.

Some people cannot take CBD in its natural form, as an oil. It is meant to take underneath the tongue, but some people are not able to take a supplement like this sublingually. That is why companies have started to make pills. If people have a problem with pills there are a number of companies that sell vape oil and gummies. Gummies and other edibles can be helpful for people who cannot take CBD in any other way, or who just want their CBD in cute, tasty snack form. CBD, since it can help skin and hair issues, has been being put into creams and soaps. Topical CBD can be used to help with pain from the outside while you are taking it internally as well. This is why there has been a cream created, like Bengay minus the menthol, to help relieve pain. These can also be found on a number of different CBD websites for sale. It does not matter how you take you CBD, just that it can help you do what you need it to, get rid of your headache.

What is a headache

A headache or migraine normally ranges from slight to severe, and it is a sudden pain in the head that can be chalked up to a number of different causes. Headaches and migraines can be caused by allergies, light sensitivity, noise sensitivity, sickness, stress and menstruation. Sometimes taking away these issues or getting away from these issues can help to alleviate the pain a little bit, but not entirely. Over the counter medications can be costly and occasionally not work at all. Your body can also build up a tolerance and cause these medications not to work after a certain point. Headaches can cause light and noise sensitivity, severe and blinding pain, stabbing pain and can cause a person to see orbs, or halos. Occasionally, the onset of a headache is sudden, but most of the time there are signs that one is coming.

There was a study done in 2007 which caused several scientists to believe that headaches and migraines are caused by an endocannabinoid deficiency. This is because the body produces anandamide, the body’s natural version of THC, and people with headaches and migraines have a low level of of this in their body.

Who most commonly gets headaches?

10% of all of the human beings on the planet Earth are affected by migraines and headaches daily. According to the NIH women are more likely to be affected by headaches and migraines then men are. This is mostly attributed to the fact that women have a different hormone levels than men do. That is why a lot of women get headaches during menstruation and menopause. Fluctuating levels of estrogen and hormones can cause rather severe headaches in women.

Why does CBD help headaches?

It is thought that the reason CBD helps with headaches and migraines is because it puts anandamide into a persons system. Although research has been very limited in the CBD testing department, it has shown promising results in preventing headaches before they happen and treating headaches after they have already started to occur. Another reason that CBD oil has been noted to help headaches, is that it treats the underlying cause off the headache itself. Headaches that are caused by stress headaches, brought on by allergies, anxiety and sickness can also be helped by CBD supplements. One daily dose of CBD is enough to keep headaches at bay for very extended periods of time.

Another reason that CBD helps with headaches so well is because it is an anti inflammatory. A huge reason that people experience headaches is because they are having issues with inflammation, mostly in the sinus area. CBD can reduce inflammation plus it is also known to be able to help people breath.

As a woman, will CBD help me?

CBD has been found to be extremely helpful to women especially, and there are a massive amount of reasons that a woman should be taking CBD every single day. Women are the ones who get headaches more often, and they all get cramps, plus bloating. They should be the ones adding a CBD supplement to their diet for health reasons. CBD can help with the terrible headaches and migraines that are associated with a woman’s menstrual cycle and due to hormones. There are also tons of other benefits that CBD can also help women with, migraines are just one of the many.

Can CBD be of use to me

CBD is useful for a large number of people for a plethora of different ailments, but nothing helps a headache like CBD can. CBD is fast acting, plus it is easy to take, not to mention that it can prevent a lot of health issues, like headaches, before they occur. A person should follow the general rule; “one drop of CBD a day keeps the doctor away”.